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Anne-Marie Whittaker

Anne-Marie Whittaker was born in Guyana but spent many of her formative years in Barbados. 

Her many careers include secretary, sales representative, businesswoman, publisher and homemaker.  But, most of all she loves entertaining and cooking - so much so that she has been nicknamed ‘The Mighty Entertainer’ by her friends.  This passion has led Anne-Marie along a very "long & winding road" to her current career of Food Processor. Along the way she has authored 'Treasures of My Caribbean Kitchen', which features Caribbean Food, History and Culture. Her book is published by Macmillan of London and is sold throughout the Caribbean and the UK.

Anne-Marie is the Managing Director and creative genius behind the entire range of Native Treasures Gourmet Products.  Her children (as she likes to call them) bring together the flavors of the Islands in very creative and unique ways that excite and tantalize the taste buds!!!!

Native Treasures was Incorporated in 1996 and Anne-Marie set out to create a line of food products that would appeal to the pallets of both locals and visitors to our beautiful Island.  To accomplish this, she first had to be trained in the science of Food Processing and this was done at the Caribbean Agricultural Research Institute in Trinidad.  

Since creating food products came so naturally to her, she had to find other ways to channel her energies. Over the years these have ranged from cooking demonstrations in Barbados, on Cruise Ships, the USA, Europe and Japan to TV shows and cooking classes for visitors to our Island. One of these classes, which was booked over the Internet, caught her totally by surprise when the participants arrived in a coach escorted by the Police. It was only then that she realized exactly who her students were.  They were the wives and girlfriends of the touring South African cricket team.  A short time later the cricketers turned up and quickly proved to be equally as talented at cooking as they were at playing cricket. 

When Anne-Marie is not working she can be found performing as a Calypsonian in the Celebrity Tent during Crop Over, playing the steel pan or hovering around a Karaoke microphone.  These activities bring her immense pleasure as she is very passionate about music and finds it to be a great stress reliever. 

Anne-Marie's burning desire is to introduce Caribbean Cuisine to the world.


Anne-Marie Whittaker

Author -
Treasures of My    Caribbean Kitchen




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  I have traveled to the USA, Europe and Japan to share our tasty Caribbean style of cooking with chefs from major hotels. While it may not be possible to attend my classes or to finance my trip to your home, you can still learn to create our, spicy, exotic dishes right in your own kitchen. My book 'Treasures of my Caribbean Kitchen' contains many of the recipes that I teach, along with my simple step by step instructions on creating them. Once you purchase my book you can call or email me anytime for help with your creations.