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Fast Food Anyone?

A Cookbook can be a great source of enjoyment, however to most of us cooking is what we do somewhere in our busy day between opening the front door and turning on the TV. We then  scramble something out of the freezer and pop it into the oven. On that very special occasion we may even end up in a nice restaurant where the food makes your mouth water although you can't pronounce one word from the menu.

How about when you really want to entertain someone. Does a take-away Chinese dinner or a delivered pizza really impress?  Do they remember you for that charred barbecue and the hamburgers that you burnt to a crisp? A cookbook can really provide you with the tasty fare that you get when we go out to dinner!! a fraction of the cost!!!

Anne-Marie Whittaker

Author -
Treasures of My    Caribbean Kitchen

So what's the secret of enjoying a fantastic dinner whenever you chose?


Treasures of My Caribbean Kitchen

by Anne-Marie Whittaker  

A Cookbook!! You guessed it....Really, anyone can make it happen. The chef in the fancy restaurant trains so that he can create fantastic tasting meals starting from zero. But you don't need to. In my cookbook, I'll share the secrets of the Islands as I take you step by step through the world of Caribbean Cooking, which just happens to be about as sumptuous as you can get anywhere on this planet.  Our food is a fusion of the many cultures living together in our tiny Islands. There just wasn't enough space to spread out and keep your culture to yourself, so a very interesting thing happened. Each Island colony, as they were at the time, developed a style and taste of cooking that embraced both the colonizers and the displaced people from every corner of the globe who settled there. And so, as you move from one Island to the other, you are tantalized by the variations of these influences, with each Island having its own unique taste.  

My Cookbook shares the experience of creating mouthwatering Caribbean cooking , I'll take you on a tour of the Caribbean from way back in our history when pirates ruled the waves. You'll learn how to prepare our seasonings that provide the unique taste to some of our Islands' food. Your guests are certain to be entertained as you impress them with your knowledge of the food and charm them with tales of the Caribbean. (You don't ever have to tell them where you got the information).

The showers of compliments are over - now all that's left is to relax and to Dream of being here with us on a warm Caribbean beach.




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  I have traveled to the USA, Europe and Japan to share our tasty Caribbean style of cooking with chefs from major hotels. While it may not be possible to attend my classes or to finance my trip to your home, you can still learn to create our, spicy, exotic dishes right in your own kitchen. My book 'Treasures of my Caribbean Kitchen' contains many of the recipes that I teach, along with my simple step by step instructions on creating them. Once you purchase my book you can call or email me anytime for help with your creations.