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                         HURRICANES                                                    CPT. RASTA'S REVENGE

The Hurricanes come off the African Coast as weather systems. Some of them quickly become monsters threatening our homes and our lives.
We have created our own Hurricanes.
Like the real items, they are categorised from 1 to 5. Fortunately ours are not life-threatening.


When the pirates come, it is time to run for cover and these are no exception. This set of hot sauce is known as Captain Rasta's Revenge with names like 'Fire in de hole', 'Total Destruction' and 'To Hell and Back'. Purchase a Pirate today!


condiments -Native Treasures Bassa Bassa Sauce


Bassa Bassa takes its name from a Barbadian expression which means to have the equivalent of a lover's quarrel. It's, sour, sweet and spicy and making up is the best part of all. Bassa reflects the Indian part of our Caribbean culture.It's tangy flavor compliments spicy cooking like nothing else in the world. Bassa Bassa goes extremely well with seafood.
One thing that you need to know....the taste of Bassa Bassa sauce is addictive. Once you try it, you'll keep coming back

  Hot Sauce - Kaiso Karamba Sauce

A hint of pepper carefully blended with the Carambola (Star-Fruit) fruit  puts Kaiso Karamba in a class of its own. It can be used as a very savory pickle that lifts the flavor from your blandest meal. It is often added to sauce recipes where its remarkable flavor  can make the difference between a traditional dish and one that soars. If you want a quick meal simply add our Kaiso to any canned vegetable (peas, beans, corn) or pasta to convert it to make that meal something special.


hot sauces - Native Treasures Tropical Inferno

Tropical Inferno is one of our unique creations. It's made from Carambola (Star Fruit) which was originally brought to the Caribbean from Asia. We blend the Carambola with some choice ingredients including Scotch Bonnet Peppers to create a sauce that will take you to Pepper Sauce Heaven. Use it as a condiment on just about anything that you wish to spice up with some real Caribbean Heat or in stews and gravies to make them sing.  

condiment - Native Treasures Tamangy Chutney

Tamangy Chutney brings unique Caribbean Flavour to the world of exotic condiments. This is the perfect condiment for your exotic dishes. We can only describe this sauce as multicultural. It takes your Chinese or Indian creations to a new high. It's perfect for Caribbean cooking and will do wonders for the blandest meal you can think of. Use daringly on the side of your plate.  If you can't really cook but want to invite someone to dinner, have lots of it handy. Cook with it and then use it as a condiment with the meal....then listen for the compliments.


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Pepper Sauces

hot sauce-old fashion Old Fashion Island Pepper Sauce is a Barbadian creation. It is one of our hottest sellers with its really outstanding taste which results from a skilful blending of its main ingredients, mustard, turmeric and peppers. Many variations of this sauce can be found throughout the Caribbean however this one has succeeded in capturing the heat, taste and flavor of the traditional Old Fashioned product.
  hot sauces - Blazing Inferno Blazing Inferno is the pepper sauce of choice for those folks who like things 'blazing hot'. We take Scotch Bonnet peppers, add garlic to make the flavour more interesting - then, just before we close the bottle, we add fire. The result is a hot, tasty pepper sauce that makes you smack your lips and go for more. Use cautiously with your favourite meats or snacks. Try a little first and have some water close at hand when you do. Main Ingredients Peppers & Garlic


Jams & Jellies

jam banana

To many of the Islands in the Caribbean, bananas represent the prosperity that results from shipping boatloads of that tasty fruit to Europe. They are also an essential part of our  way of life. We eat them from the tree, cook with them, use the leaves to wrap savoury treats like conkies and pastelles or to make craft items. At Native Treasures we thought that we would capture one of our favourite banana recipes in a jam. Banana Daquiri is a drink made from bananas and rum. We have created a Daiquiri that you can spread and eat. Just as tasty  but not dangerous.


jam pina colada

Our Pina Colada jam brings the flavour of one of the stars of the beach to your breakfast table. Imagine a beautiful sunset and you  half naked on a Caribbean beach, sipping on your Pina Colada made from coconut milk, Pineapple and Rum. You think of your friends and feel sorry for them-back home freezing their tails off.
Wow this Pina Colada jam can really get your imagination going...

jam  mango

If you live in the Caribbean some of your fondest memories of growing up would involve a big, ripe, juicy mango. You would remember the ecstasy of biting a hole in the skin and sucking the mango juice out. Only when the juice stopped flowing would you remove the skin and suck on the seed. Our Mango jam is a tribute to growing up in the Caribbean and  the memories of those youthful days.


If you like it hot and really enjoy a tasty piece of meat then this is the right product for you. Our Scotch Bonnet Peppers create a tantalising taste that is perfect with anything you can think of. Some of our customers even use this stuff on bread while some use it in recipes which we will soon be sharing with you. Use on your favorite baked meats. Exceptional with ham.




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